Thursday, January 27, 2011

New (sort of) table and chairs at Camas Antiques

I found the glass top for the rattan bistro table. Now one can set a glass upon it with confidence....

Junkin' Wednesday aftermath...

So much junk, so little room....Check out sweet Lindsea's blog to see what happened to the poor chair!
Due to time constraints, the lovely chair is still languishing in Milwaukie and will most likely be re-donated. I will NEVER go junking with Lindsea again unless we take a really big truck!
There will be before and after pictures soon of some of our more needy finds.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

new family room....

 So...guess who had to redecorate! These little tufted chairs came from the GW Outlet (bins)

 We stacked the bookcase Glen made on top of the deco sideboard.  It's massive!
 Our cowhide from IKEA is branded with our initials. Glen named her Lucy.
 Out with the old brown sofa and in with a new one with washable slipcovers!

 Glen and I each have a TV watching chair by the hearth. Mine is an upholstered zebra rocker, and his is a Mission style leather recliner.
 I wanted a Santos and couldn't find an affordable  one, so got a dressmaker form and gave her a crown.
Her backdrop is the genuine Navajo rug I found at a barn sale for $4.00!!!!
 The dogs had a bath and each got her own down pillow by the fire. The cat took over the sofa, of course.

It is so cozy in here! I plan to edit a little and add cream colored drapes. Any suggestions?